Register Your Property with LBL

Our searchable database is designed to meet the needs of location scouts when they are researching for the right location to match their script. There is a great variety size & scope of productions that shoot on location. Some projects are small and short, like a still photography shoot or a one day commercial shoot. Some are big– feature films & TV shows may use a location for weeks! There is also a great variety in the kinds of locations needed by the film industry. From mansions to liquor stores, we cover it all!

We use a standard listing agreement that explains the details. We will send you a .pdf upon request. There are no upfront fees. Long Beach Locations works on commission only. Generally a location’s net proceeds from filming will be higher with our assistance.

After the listing agreement has been signed, Long Beach Locations promises to act as your property’s agent ensuring fair compensation for filming at your location, and ensuring a safe transaction, including securing deposits and proof of liability insurance. We have 28+ years of experience in negotiating with film productions including commercials, TV shows, and feature films.

On the day(s) of filming Long Beach Locations provides an experienced site monitor who oversees the production from start to finish. This includes documenting the location with before pictures, supervising the scope and terms of the agreement and acting as a resident liaison during filming. And finally, we make sure the property is restored to its original condition. 

There are no fees to you! Long Beach Locations works on commission only. We add out commission on top of your agreed upon net proceeds. 

If this interests you please connect with us below and kindly add a couple of photos of your property (a front yard exterior and a couple interior shots will suffice) and we will respond at our earliest convenience for the next steps. Or feel free to call us and talk it out (562) 900-1928.


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